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A big hit with our customers and an ever-growing name within the men’s clothing industry, Luke 1977 is a brand that continues to expand - both in business and in reputation thanks to their inspired menswear collections and their continued sports sponsorship projects.

Luke 1977 was founded in 2001 and is a West Midlands born company. Created by Luke Roper, born in 1977 (hence the year attached to the brand name) it started out as a passion for a 12 year old boy who was eventually producing clothing for himself and his friends by age 15.

Half a decade later, he was talent scouted and invited to attend Central St Martins Fashion University in London becoming a groundbreaking moment for the growth and business ambitions of Luke 1977.

Today, the brand boasts a portfolio of contemporary menswear, taking inspiration from elements of Birmingham where “foundry worker meets fashionista”. From the every day ‘lad’ to the working class hero, you’ll find Luke 1977 hanging in a wide variety of wardrobes.

Away from contemporary fashion, the brand have stepped in to the world of sports sponsorship, applying their logo to big sports names like Aston Villa FC, Millwall FC, Kidderminster FC (football), Dan Evans (tennis), Project One (motorsport) and more.

The Lookbook.

From outfits fit for the gym to sofa-switching loungewear, Luke 1977 clothing tailors for all types of wardrobes that’s why we’ve styled some of our favourite looks below with the brands signature pieces and complimented others nicely with some more fan favourite items from Edwin, Diesel and more.

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