Head-to-toe True.

If True Religion is your go-to then look no further as we cover all bases. The king of all kings at Brown Bag, True Religion dominates our bestsellers lists on a daily basis and it’s not difficult to understand why. A major gameplayer in the U.S.A. they’ve travelled across the pond to help broaden their customer base in the U.K. too. With a major reputation in the denim game, they’re no strangers to the rest of the outfit either producing eye-catching sweats, statement tees & more.

In 2002, True Religion set out to switch up the classic five-pocket jean and cause some serious chaos on the menswear scene. Unable to produce their vision using industry-standard sewing machines they decided to rip up the industry instruction sheet and throw it in the bin, building their own equipment capable of producing their one-of-a-kind concept.

Immediately, their super T stitch was recognisable and nothing like anything in the industry at the time.

The brand pride themselves on being bigger, better and bolder than anyone else and as their products and designs evolved, so did their reputation over the last two decades. The brand has become synonymous with high quality craftmanship and statement style. Since their birth, the brand have established two key icons within their brand; the Horseshoe and the Buddha. The Buddha is representative of a spiritual side and is a symbol of peace, happiness and fortune whilst the horseshoe was born from the smiling mouth of the Buddha and represents similar values.

The Lookbook.

With True Religion style comes True Religion swagger. Learn to live as a fearless leader and ignite the world with your newfound boldness from large logos to statement hues. Take a look at how we’ve styled the brand below for some serious inspiration.

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